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Today I started updating the procedures maual for my job. I found out that according to the binder, I'm supposed to be maintaining databases that have been obsolete for at least 5 years (and are DOS based to boot) for a company that technically doesn't exist any more. Shortly after mentioning this to my supervisor I recieved a copy of the updated job description pretty quickly so I can start to rebuild this thing from scratch. Woo!


So many feelings...

Iron Man 3! Thor: The Dark World! Guardians of the Galaxy (Rocket Racoon, wtf!)! Ant Man! Avengers 2!

Captain America: Winter Soldier! If you need me I'll be over there in a giant puddle of ~feels~

Currently watching Thor and eating powdered doughnuts in an effort to quell all of the hurt of not being at SDCC this year to bask in the awesomeness that was the MCU panel or RDJ randomly showing up at a children's Iron Man costume contest.

So, question, next year should I plan for two weeks at Disney World or attempt to go to SDCC?
Why am I starting to warm up to Teen Wolf? It's terrible but Stiles is awesome so I don't know...
You know what's awesome? Having all correspondence today come to me with my name misspelled at work. Once or twice I can forgive but it's becoming more and more frequent. How difficult is it to look at the form/email address your sending to me to double check that it's accurate? Some days I don't think people even bother to try and it really irritates me.


Random post

  • I haven't turned on the TV in a month and a half. I don't know if this is good or bad but I've learned I really don't need it in my life. It's kind of refreshing.
  • My hair apparently looks the best if I shower the night before and don't do anything to it in the morning and thus walk around work with bed head. Screw effort or even brushing, getting up and going is apparently my best look. If I add a hat I upgrade to fantastic.
  • I haven't bought a DVD in two months but I have purchased a whole bunch of CDs which I think I enjoy more. I love going into record shops or online and buying completely random music because it has the potential to be awesome. I look forward to listening to them all as well as re-discovering old albums I found in a box in the basement.
  • Pit bulls love giant smoked cow femurs and will love you forever if you give them one. Also, walking around with said giant femur makes you feel invincible.
  • The Avengers is one of the greatest movies of all time but watching it after the National Theatre's production of Frankenstein puts you in a very weird head space.
  • I've driven through BC many times but before last weekend I have never seen a bear in the wild but on the drive home there were two black bears. It seems they like to fuck with traffic because they can.
  • I have all of the tea. Seriously, I'm not allowed to buy more. It's becoming a problem.

Adventures in baking

So it's totally a win when your experimental cookie recipe ends up charcoal pucks and fills your house with smoke but nothing actually gets lit on fire and the smoke alarm doesn't go off, yeah? I thought so too.


Because I'm falling in love with this show all over again. Go forth and read this as it is lovely.

that ever i was born to set it right   NC-17 (you have been warned) 13'000 words by postcardmystery


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