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Do you guys have any favourites you want to share?


Cost of Living

Stumbled upon this hilarious short film about two guys who work in a monster factory and have to deal with containment clean-up. NSFW coarse language and slight amounts of gore.

COST OF LIVING from BenDavid Grabinski on Vimeo.


Woman in Black

Oh Hammer Horror, you know how to push all the right buttons. As soon as I got my brain to realize that Dan Radcliffe =/= Harry Potter I totally immersed myself in your utterly delicious Gothic horror with it's slow and incredibly bleak build up of terror with truly delightful scares. It was way better than I thought it would be and absolutely stunning. Although, the children's toys were probably put there for maximum terror. I mean, seriously, who gives their child evil wind up monkey toys?

Christmas Eve

 My evening is consisting of baking all of the cookies I have ingredients for (I was thwarted on my plan to make gumdrop cookies by my lack of coconut) and made a ton of Sandtarts (which are like sugar cookies with rum extract and not tarts at all) and ginger sluts (which are lovely and sparkly and may have spread more than anticipated) . I also watched the Angry Beavers Christmas special and started to watch the Invader Zim one before toastninja decided to play Fallout 3. I somehow managed to get four all down my cleavage which is quite impressive and managed not to maim or burn myself in the process of baking. I started out with the plan to make more shortbread and have yet to get around to it. I also need to make more butternut squash tarts and get my container of leftover filling out of my fridge.

Tomorrow I drive over to my mothers and have to figure out how one stealthily moves a golf bag without letting the recipient know what it is until the presents are to be unwrapped.

Because Simsabalim told me to

Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone
number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item
to you right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The
last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is
now your catchphrase.

I am the Administrative Coordinator. My current regeneration is Four. I have no nearby clothing items so... I'm going with what I'm wearing and saying my jeans which is a very me thing. The last person I texted was toastninja so no surprise there. And my favorite word (and punctuation) is "interrobang" but that's too difficult so I'm going with "awesome" because I definitely say it a lot.


Anaheim/San Diego Day 6

Today we rented a car and went to Sea World. It's an hour and a half to Sea World from our hotel so it's not a terrible drive down to the park. It's mostly along the I5 which, while my favourite road, is very, very boring.

Sea World, was, well, not quite what I was expecting while at the same time being everything it promised on the brochure. There were whales and dolphins and other marine life (I may have a million pictures of piranhas...) but outside of the four shows and very few rides there was very little of interest. It was worth it to cross the experience off my list but I doubt I'll ever be strongly motivated to go back again.

Once we got back to the hotel after being treated to rush hour traffic (worse than on the Deerfoot but less terrible than early morning commuter traffic in Seattle) we soaked in the hot tub for a bit and then went back to the room.
I think I have post cards for those who've asked (toastninjaand narikalen) but if anyone else wants one message me and I'll mail one off tomorrow while we're enjoying our last day at the Disney parks. We're going to see the Aladdin show, ElecTRONica and Fantasmic tomorrow night and trying to do the whole pin trading experience at both parks during the day. I'm hoping to possibly have a completely awesome, yet different set than what I start out with.


Anaheim Day 5

Did California Adventure today which really doesn't need an entire day for itself but is super awesome if you get there right as it opens as you can ride the roller coaster a few times without any lines before moving onto other rides like the Tower of Terror (which was brilliant) and the Little Mermaid (the animatronics were so cool). Overall the park didn't have many rides as a few sections were closed for upgrades. The Color of Magic show at the end of the day was so worth it as it was stunning. Dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe was neat but not entirely worth the cost. Have scoped out everything I need to buy when we do our last day at Disneyland/California Adventure Friday (we're seeing ElecTRONica and Fantasmic which promise to be awesome).

Tomorrow we rent a car and head to Sea World!


Anaheim Day 4

Disneyland was awesome! Between today and the Halloween Party last night we managed to go on pretty much all of the rides. I still like Indiana Jones the best and now like Splash Mountain the least (walking around the park soaking wet is not a pleasant experience). I got a picture with the Mad Hatter who said I was "so polite" which made me giggle for a bit. We caught the show in the Tiki Room and did a lot of shopping and got a reservation for the Rainforest Cafe for tomorrow evening. I also got a giant button declaring it to be my first time to the park which was awesome.

Tomorrow California Adventure!


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